I have many credentials to back my knowledge up and intend to obtain more in the future. I had a 4.0 GPA in high school and was even valedictorian. I also had the highest math HSA (Hawaii State Assessment) test in high school, so no wonder I feel most confident about this subject! I have some experience at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and even did calculus there.

My knowledge is very strong in math. Studying goes very well for that and other subjects, but I have always felt that math is my best subject, hence why I am focusing on tutoring mainly that for right now. Math has so much use in so many applications, so I am using that knowledge to advance myself in my fairly recent love of computer science. School is not the only place where I learn; the Internet is also where I take in much good information. The ultimate credential for me will be how much my knowledge will help you.

I have had some tutoring experience. I have helped out my fellow students from time to time when they asked for help with different subjects. We have even participated in study groups and taught each other as well when we really needed to pull together in college. Also, being on forums and discussing better and creative ways to practice at tennis really opens my mind to not only understanding material, but also teaching it. I see that it is simply not enough to understand the material to become a good tutor; a creative mind, good communication skills, viewing of resources on tutoring, and a variety of other skills makes a great tutor. I have also paid attention from my teachers how they teach over the years and the various reasons why they do the things they do. From all of the observing I have done throughout the years, my tutoring style is dependent on so many factors, but I will always work hard with you.

I have more experience in what it means to be a tutor. Being taught tennis for several years and being a part of the sport ever since 2007 has opened my mind up even more to creative training because tennis is not one of those subjects that I have seen is taught formally through the books. Tennis has taught me how to listen by ear from a PTR-certified (Professional Tennis Registry) coach for five years and think about the new information I receive in very creative ways. When I am out on the court alone, coming up with exercises to enhance skills in the game like reflexes and pronation rotation in the serve is crucial to better development. I make lesson plans for myself to get to be a better tennis player, and that skill will carry over to my tutoring. Playing tennis passionately in competition has made me aware of the pressures of such play and how that pressure can change our performance, so I can help you to prepare for challenges like if you are facing a pressuring exam.

If you are reasonably unsure about my tutoring and would like to understand me better, I will give you extra time to try my tutoring service out. I aim hard to give you the best tutoring that I can give. I will be as flexible and negotiable as I can for you, so do not be afraid to ask questions about anything. I will be happy to hear from you and help with your studying!



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