Rachelean's Bakery

Rachelean's Bakery

Trinidad and Tobago

Baker and Small business owner


It all started out of curiosity and the desire to bake an Apple Crostata (Apple Tart Dessert). After successfully baking my first dessert, it sparked something deep within me.
Soon after, curiosity turned into a liking to baked and now its blossomed into my passion.
So I began finding recipes, trying new desserts, baking every thing that caught my eye and having my family and friends try them out. 
To my surprise they were all so delighted by my treats, they began encouraging me to start a business. Some even demanded that I did it , but I was very hesitant and honestly I never set out to become a business owner.
Me baking was just for the fun of it and because I wanted to try the many desserts I watched my favorite Food network personalities create. But they wasn't letting me off that easy and after much persuasion and encouragement, I decided to finally take that leap of faith and start my business.
After all, I was told I came from a long line of bakers. LOL!
Sometimes you can't fight destiny.
My Name is Amanda Rachelean Mohammed and I'm a Baker.





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